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Beer & Weed Privacy Policy

Beer & Weed is a monthly magazine, web site, newsletter, and collection of social media properties that is focused on informing people about interesting things happening in the world of brewing and cannabis-growing and -product manufacturing, both in Maine and around the country and world. 

In the course of gathering information as part of journalistic work and as part of delivering that work to the people who have subscribed to our products and/or visited our website, we collect certain overtly personal data, including:

  • Your email address, so as to deliver our newsletter. 
  • Your home and/or mailing address, so as to deliver our magazine. 
  • Your phone number, so as to contact you for stories or to inquire about whether you’d like to purchase an ad or otherwise do business with Beer & Weed. 

We will always use this data solely for the purpose stated in gathering it, and we will never sell, trade, or otherwise provide your data to others without your express permission. 

We also gather some data that some jurisdictions around the world might also consider personal data, such as:

  • On our website, we employ Google Analytics, but only analyze visitor data in the aggregate, so as to see which pages are getting the most visits or to see how people move through our site. We admit to being ignorant of some of the things that Google Analytics can do and it’s possible it collects individual IP addresses in some what that we’re not aware of. 
  • Through our email provider, Email Octopus, we can see which email addresses opened individual emails, clicked on which links, and otherwise how they interacted with our newsletters. 
  • Through PayPal, when you subscribe and pay for a subscription, we can see what your PayPal account name is and can search to see who has paid us what money. 

We would refer you to these service providers’ privacy policies if you have questions about how they handle your personal data, but, in general, other than Google, which we don’t really know how to avoid, we select service providers based on their privacy stances and we look for those who value privacy as highly as we do. 

If you would like a record of the information we possess about you, or have any other questions about our privacy policies, please contact our designed privacy lead, Sam Pfeifle, at [email protected] or 207-572-6063.

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