• Piece must be original to Beer & Weed. We do not re-publish previously published works, though we will consider excerpting books under some circumstances.
  • Pitches should contain the story idea, who will be interviewed if anyone, whether you have any affiliation with any of the story subjects, and references to published clips if you are a first-time submitter.
  • If your pitch is timely, it should be submitted at least 60 days before the first of the month in which the event in question is happening.
  • Pitches that focus on Maine and northern New England will be prioritized.

All pitches will be considered and our Editor will reply positively or negatively within a week. Once accepted, writing will be at the editor’s direction and pieces may require multiple rounds of edits before reaching final draft for layout. Sam will have all final editorial say, but writers will always see a final draft before it goes to print.

– Collaboration and editing will occur in Google Docs.
– Edits made on the page will be for AP Style or other typo correction only.

How to Submit for Editorial Consideration

Beer & Weed is a monthly magazine that accepts for consideration all pitches (preferably) and completed manuscripts for interviews, features, profiles, recipes, how-to articles, reviews, and fiction.


  • $250 for personal essays, recipes, and short fiction (up to 2,000 words)
  • $.25 per word for pieces of assigned reporting, with consideration for travel and photography supplied

All writers will receive 12-month subscriptions to Beer & Weed as a courtesy. Please help spread the word of our growing magazine!

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